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Why does Benedictine College Library have 19th century grade school text books?

 From 1860 to 1870, the Catholic boys of Atchison were taught by the Benedictine monks of St. Benedict’s Abbey. In 1863, the Sisters of Mt. St. Scholastica arrived, and began a school for the Catholic girls of Atchison.

The ever increasing population of Catholic school children necessitated the building of a centrally located school for all. That school was St. Louis College, built in about 1889.

It is from this era that our 19th century text book collection comes…

Bringing a Blog Back to Life

A new display of nineteenth  century textbooks, created by Miriam O’Hare, our Special Collections and Government Documents Supervisor has provided the occasion for reviving the Benedictine College Library blog.

Stay tuned for further information on this fascinating bit of Benedictine and Atchison history.