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M&M Championship Results: Peanut Butter emerges as favorite M&M

Large M&M 1

It was a long and grueling battle. In the first quarter*, Peanut Butter managed to pull ahead with several key votes, but the initial lead was not to last. Over the next two quarters, Peanut and Peanut Butter traded the lead back and forth. Just when one would start to pull ahead, the other would regroup and reclaim the lead. At the end of the third quarter, though, Peanut Butter managed to pull ahead by two, a lead it maintained until the final. In the end, Peanut Butter won 40-38.

“It was a close game, and well-fought. I’m just glad to see Peanut Butter come out on top,” said one Peanut Butter fan.

*Officials counted ballots four times over the course of the day. The periods between these times are considered “quarters” for our purposes.


For all fans of colorful charts, here are the statistics of the event. 139 people voted in the semi-finals, and 78 people voted in the final round.

First Semi's


First BC Library M & M Championship – The Final Four

pic 3

Well, the initial results are in from the Final Four in our M&M Championship. Peanut beat Pretzel, and Peanut Butter crushed Almond. I know you are thinking that’s nuts, but I only report the news; I don’t make it. So, on Monday, Peanut and Peanut Butter will go head to head to determine the favorite library M&M of all time… Who. Will. Win???

Some analysts fear that Peanut may not fare well in this final round. Not only did it do poorly against the lower-ranked Pretzel M&Ms, Peanut has already been beaten in-house before. Back at the beginning of the semester, when Peanut Butter M&Ms were first being introduced to the library, Peanut and Peanut Butter were in a week-long competition (this way, every student worker got a chance to vote, as well as library staff). Peanut was defeated then. Also, of the 139 people who participated in the voting in the Final Four, 86 cast a vote for Peanut Butter, while only 72 voted for Peanut.

“I think there is a very distinct possibility that some of the Almond fans and some of the Pretzel fans may turn and vote for Peanut Butter in this final competition,” one spectator said.

Whether these fans change their vote to Peanut or Peanut Butter, though, there is a lot riding on this final round. Tune in on Wednesday to find the results!